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5 Tell Tale Signs You Might Need A Roof Replacement in Ohio or Pennsylvania

Posted by Justin Hornbeck on March 24, 2022

If you’re a homeowner in Ohio or Pennsylvania, you may be wondering if it’s time for a roof replacement. Maybe it’s been awhile since your roof was replaced. Or maybe a recent storm has you concerned about the condition of your roof. Maybe you’ve noticed some water damage.

Homes in this area are unique to other parts of the United States. The roofs withstand the elements of four different seasons, including the harsh winter weather and unpredictable spring and summer storms.

There are certain factors that homeowners should look for throughout the year to determine if it’s time to schedule a roof inspection to help them decide whether or not they need a roof replacement.

How Often Does your Roof Need Replaced?

Reputable roofing contractors will recommend replacing your roof somewhere around 85% of the manufacturer’s life of the roof. For example, you should consider replacing a 25-year roof around the 20-year mark.

In Ohio and Pennsylvania, most homeowners are dealing with a shingle roof, which last between 20 and 25 years depending on the type of shingle that was used. Asphalt Shingles will last between 15 and 30 years, while Architectural shingles can hold on up to 30 years.

Slate Roofs are usually good for 50 years and Metal Roofs for around 70 years.

Identifying Visible Damage to Your Roof

Most homeowners can point out visible damage to their roof if they know what to look for. Some homeowners make it a part of their quarterly maintenance routine to quickly take a peek at the condition of their roof.

As a general rule, you shouldn’t climb up on your roof to inspect it. Leave that to the roofing contractors, who are trained to do this safely and efficiently. Even if you aren’t physically climbing the roof, you will still be able to watch for signs that you may need to schedule a roof inspection.

Roof Replacement Sign #1: Your Roof is 25 Years old or more

This is the quickest and easiest telltale sign that it’s time to schedule a Roof Inspection. Keeping a good record of improvements on your home can help keep you organized. Most homeowners keep a binder of home improvements. Repairs and replacements on your roof should be no different.

Since most roofs in this area are shingled, you will want to start planning for a roof replacement around the 20 year mark. Take a look at how long it’s been and if you’re getting close, mark the how old your roof is each year in the notes section of your January and December calendar.

Roof Replacement Sign #2: There was a Recent Storm

The first thing you should do after a severe storm is to assess any damages to your roof. Once the storm passes, walk around and take a look at what you are able to see from the ground.

Get a pair of binoculars and search for any loose or missing shingles, signs of roof discoloration and wood exposure.

Check your yard for any roof fragments that may have been blown off.

You can also take a look at your roof from inside your home if you have an attic. You’ll want to look for any signs of water leaks or sunlight exposure.

Metal gutters, fascia and roof flashing can give you a clue as to whether your roof may be damaged as dents are often easier to see on these materials.

Even with the most precise visual inspection, the problem with storm damage is that it isn’t always visible - especially from the ground.

So if you have had a severe storm, it’s always a good idea to schedule a roof inspection.

Roof Replacement Sign #3: You See Visible Damage to Your Roof

infographic signs you may need to replace your roof

Storms are not the only thing that can damage your roof. There other outside factors that can affect your roof’s sustainability.

For example, limbs from nearby trees can break and fall onto your roof. Foliage can also be a problem, particularly during the fall months. Leaves, sticks and pine needles can create a buildup of debris on your roof, forming into a stack of mulch that stays consistently moist. When this happens, it causes your shingles to deteriorate and your roof structure to rot.

Critters like nesting birds, raccoons, bats, squirrels and mice can also damage your roof looking for food or for a way inside your house.

Plus even the UV rays from the sun can cause your shingles to dry out over time.

That’s why it’s important to make it a part of your home maintenance schedule to regularly inspect your roof.


Roof Replacement Sign #4: Water Damage Inside Your Home

water damage and mildew signs of a leaking roof

If you find water damage in your home, don’t panic! You may not need to schedule an entire roof replacement.

You should definitely set up a roof inspection, however, and let the experts decide how to handle things.

Water damage is a huge hazard for homeowners and it can happen to any home - old or new. A leaky roof can cause serious structural damage and needs to be repaired quickly and efficiently to reduce the overall repair cost.

Too often, homeowners believe they can repair a leaky roof themselves. However, so many property damages occur because the leak was not properly handled or repaired.

Since water damage can quickly spiral out of control, it’s important to always be looking out for signs to stop the spiral in its tracks.


Here’s some signs of water damage in your house:

• Dark or Wet Spots on the walls
• Cracking, Bubbling or Flaking
• Pooling Water or Puddles
• Damp, Musty or Moldy Smell


Roof Replacement Sign #5: Sagging Roofline

A Sagging roof is unattractive, but that’s not the worst thing about it.

The bad news is that it can be really dangerous for your home.

Roofs are meant to be straight. If yours is sagging, it means that its structural integrity has been compromised. Over time, this could result in the collapse of your roof!

Sagging roofs usually occur because an excessive amount of weight has weakened the roof’s structure. In our area, this is usually due to a buildup of water or snow that weighs down the shingles and boards underneath.

Another cause is improper installation with too many layers of shingles. This is especially true if your roof is nearing 25 years.

Because a sagging roofline is often due to broken trusses or rafters, it’s hard for the homeowner alone to determine whether the roof can be repaired or if it will need to be replaced.

The best course of action is to schedule a roof inspection with a qualified roofing professional.

Relax and Leave Your Roof Maintenance to the Professionals

While you could look for some of the signs you need a roof replacement, why not just let the professionals deal with your roof maintenance routine?

With the Hornbeck KangaRoof’s Overhead Care Club, you’ll have complete peace of mind! With our annual roof and attic inspection, you won’t have to worry about spotting the signs you need a roof repair.

The Overhead Care Club includes roof maintenance services like gutter and skylight cleaning as well as debris removal.

If we do have to perform a repair, you’ll get priority when it comes to booking an appointment and you will have the protection of our lifetime warranty.

These and other perks are included for only $14.95 per month.

How to Schedule a Roof Inspection

If you’re in the Northeast Ohio or Western PA region, call the top rated roofers at Hornbeck KangaRoof! One of our professionally trained technicians will arrive and perform a 21 point inspection of your roof. Our straight forward pricing includes a two year to lifetime repair warranty.

Many roofers will push homeowners toward a roof replacement, even if the roof could be repaired. At Hornbeck KangaRoof, we believe in doing what is best for the homeowner. If the roof still has some life left and doesn’t need to be replaced, our trained staff will gladly recommend a roof repair and back it with a 24 month service guarantee.

Roof Warranty

20 Year No Leak Guarantee

If we decide that your roof needs replaced, know you are in good hands. Hornbeck KangaRoof is the area’s premier asphalt shingle roofing contractor. We provide top quality roofs that are backed with a 20 year no leak guarantee and a 10 year Premium Craftsman Guarantee. Other roofing companies may offer some sort of workmanship guarantee that only covers their work, not any additional damage. Not Hornbeck KangaRoof! We cover all those items with our No Leak Guarantee.