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How Much Does Metal Roof Installation Cost?

Posted by Justin Hornbeck on August 20, 2022

Metal Roofing Is Growing In Popularity

Metal roof installation is becoming a popular choice in Western Pennsylvania for a variety of reasons.

When a roof begins to show signs of needing a roof replacement, homeowners in North East Ohio and Western Pennsylvania are beginning to look toward metal roofs due to their longevity, durability, safety, and energy efficiency.

Upon researching, homeowners are sometimes surprised to learn that metal roof installation can be more expensive initially than a traditional asphalt roof. Despite the slightly larger initial cost, many homeowners find value long-term in metal roof installation.

Let’s break down how much it costs to install a metal roof and how it can save money long term.

How much does it Cost to Install a Metal Roof?

infographic average cost of metal roof $10,000
According to, the national average cost for a metal roof is around $10,700. By contrast, a typical shingle roof costs around $8900 on average, according to Home Advisor.

If you believe you will be staying in your home for more than 20 years, it might make sense to invest a little more upfront and install a metal roof. This is because metal roofs will typically last much longer than traditional asphalt shingles, which are often guaranteed for only about 20 years.

In contrast, many metal roofs are guaranteed for as many as 40 years and could last up to 70 years.

Metal Roof Installation Cost Breakdown

An estimate from a local roofer will give you the most accurate cost breakdown or installing a metal roof.

Nationwide estimates suggest the following average costs for installing a metal roof:

  • Labor $40 - $80 per hour
  • $150 - $300 roof square
  • Materials - $350 - $550 per roof square depending on the material you choose.
    When your roofer gives you an estimate, it often includes labor and materials. But those are not the only costs associated with metal roof installation.

Often not reported on the estimate but included in the price are costs such as:

  • Architect, surveyor, or engineer fees
  • Third-party contractor costs (such as demolition equipment or scaffolding hire)
  • Building permits
  • Structure upgrades
  • Unforeseen problems with the roof
  • Roof features like skylights, dormers, or chimneys

Can I Reduce Costs on my Metal Roof Installation?

There are several variables that can affect the cost of your metal roof installation. Since you’re likely unable to change the size or design of your current roof, these are factors to consider if you are building a new home. Smaller sizes and simpler roof designs will save you money no matter which material you choose for your roof.

If you are replacing your current roof, you can reduce some of your costs by working with your contractor on a simpler design and less expensive metals.

Since labor will account for over half of the cost of your metal roof, many homeowners look for ways to reduce labor costs. Some choose to do their own tear-down or use roof overlayment. Neither of these options are recommended and could cost you more in the long run.

To reduce labor costs, the most important thing you can do is to choose straightforward metal and materials and ensure that access to your site is as clear as possible. Make sure dump trucks and delivery trucks have good access to pull up alongside the property so that old materials can be discarded efficiently and new materials can be easily transported to the house.

Metal Roof Installation with Kanga Roof

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