New Residential Roofing Services in Kinsman, OH

In a home, the first stand against the forces of nature is the roof. Therefore, we take roofing very seriously. All of our expert teams are fully trained and have certificates in all roofing work aspects to provide you with work that’s done in an excellent and timely manner. For all roofing situations, we have teams on standby to respond to any immediate roofing service needs. We take pride as professionals in ensuring that your family is safe in all of your roofing service requirements.

A roof is much, much more than just shingles and this is what many people fail to realize. We use only top-notch products from the best roofing manufacturers. These leading manufacturers have received great reviews for their products and offer warranties that can be printed and registered to give homeowners great peace of mind.

By using the highest-quality materials, our roofing experts are able to put together a roof that functions as though it were made of one solid piece. In doing so we can always claim to have given you the best and the roof will stand to last longer with little problems in the future. If you have questions about your roof’s age, condition, or durability, give us a call as our experts are standing by to answer any of your queries.

New Construction?

A new house roof installation gives you a chance to start fresh with the look you want when planning new construction on your home. We help homeowners design a roof that matches their plan for their new house.

Underlayment, Vents & Gutters

Commonly called roofing felt or tar paper, the waterproof underlayment is another key protective barrier between wind-driven rain and your home’s decking. Style is important, but so are proper ventilation and installation of gutters and insulation. We can assure you that the process will be as easy as possible.

Installation Work

Through siding installation companies, you’re given the assurance of a properly done job along with warranty specifications. We have the experience and the training and highly skilled professionals to handle your siding job.

Each segment of the roof installation process is quality control checked thoroughly by our on-site manager: the wooden decking is affixed securely with the right nails in the correct weight. If your roof needs extra support for heavier types of roofing, our architects and engineers will make sure it’s done to code.

Our highly trained and experienced team is completely focused on meeting our clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations. Big project or small, we will happily do whatever we can to help you. If you ever need assistance with any project don’t hesitate to contact us.